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ACDI Webinar | Elevate Education with ACDI’s Expansive Product Portfolio

Join us as we discuss multiple products and services that transform the education space. These tools allow for accountability, security, accessibility, and more importantly, how to take workflows to the next level. You’ll hear from ACDI representatives to discuss the education space, EV chargers, and Storyboard, along with representatives from PaperCut, Scanshare, and Elatec to discuss their amazing portfolio. Hosted by Summer Jones (ACDI), Josh Lane (ACDI), Mark Hart (ACDI), Casey Cobb (ACDI), Tyler Alvord (Papercut), Johann Fassbender (Scanshare), and Jill Gillespie (Elatec). Check out our website here: Subscribe and hit the notification bell to be the first to know about future webinars and workshops! #ACDI #webinar #education