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ACDI Webinar | Two Steps Forward: Leading a Successful Organization

Running a business is hard. Running a successful business is even harder. We have gathered the leaders of ACDI to discuss what we feel are the keys to success. As we look toward the future, we will discuss ACDI’s theme for the new year, along with: -What sales look like -How we plan to prioritize and manage time -The significance of company culture Join ACDI’s Executive Leadership Team, Josh Lane, Greg O’Briant, Mark Hart, and Jeff McWilliams, as they celebrate what is to come in 2022 and how we plan to manage it. This interactive panel discussion will be fun, informative, and a great way to kick off your new year. Check out our website here: Subscribe and hit the notification bell to be the first to know about future webinars and workshops! #ACDI #webinar #leadership